David Ronaldo


Born and raised in a family of circus artists, theatre players and musicians, the Ronaldo brothers decide to continue this tradition at an early age. They are the sixth generation of Circus Ronaldo and turn their comedian theatre into a true success. In 1999, they were declared Cultural Ambassadors of Flanders and enjoyed a great deal of support at home but also abroad. They play in the most beautiful theatres of the country. They are invited to the most prestigious humor festivals, inside and outside Europe, from Scandinavia to Australia... www.circusronaldo.be

Still, it is the love for music that steals David Ronaldo's heart...

Already at a young age he learns to play guitar but especially, he appears blessed with a raw rock voice.

With his band he pays tribute to his guitar heroes and favourite singer-songwriters, such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Earl, The Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin... Grandmasters who have influenced him for his own work, acoustic as well as electric, raw but with style. Particularly to the 'Bluesy Old School Vintage Sound' is payed a lot of attention to.

Even without circus, armed with voice and guitar, he remains a top arttist, 'pure and classy', in a semi acoustic setting as well as with full full live band.

Pemmy Larmene